High Performance Air Filters for Aston Martin Vantage V8 V12 DB9

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When we realized that there were no performance air filters available for the current range of Astons, we thought that was bordering on criminal, so we decided to make our own.

Fitting the RSC filters is a no-brainer. These filters are less expensive, better performing and longer lasting than the OEM filters. These filters will net you 5-8BHP.

RSC's Aston Martin High Performance Air Filters for the Aston Martin filters are known as the industry standard. RSC’s Filters are made from two layers of tightly interwoven cotton, allowing them to be thinner, stronger and hold oil better. This means better airflow without compromising filtration. The twin layer woven construction has the ability to trap dirt down to 5 microns, making them more durable and preventing them from breaking down over time. A steel mesh coating provides additional protection for the filter element.

This robust and complex construction provides both performance and durability and allows us to offer them with a life-time guarantee. Our filters utilize a hand-molded, flexible rubber base to offer an air tight seal and help absorb any vibrations. Each mold is CNC'd to assure proper fitment of the end product. Made using a complex 4 step process to virtually eliminate rubber seepage and maintain maximum airflow throughout the filter.

The RSC Filters will: Flow more air without sacrificing filtration, increases torque, horsepower, and fuel economy. Built strong to withstand engine intake pressure. Filters are Washable and reusable. Comes with our 100,000 mile guarantee. Made in the USA! 

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