Lamborghini Gallardo ECU Flash by RSC Tuning

Product image 1Lamborghini Gallardo ECU Flash by RSC Tuning
Product image 2RSC Tuning Lamborghini Gallardo ECU Tune

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03-05 Gallardo (500PS)

Stock HP: 493

Tuned HP: 527-533

Stock TQ: 376 Lb-Ft

Tuned TQ: 397 Lb-Ft


06-08 Gallardo (520PS)

Stock HP: 512

Tuned HP: 537

Stock TQ: 376 Lb-Ft

Tuned TQ: 397 Lb-Ft


In 2003 Lamborghini released Luc Donckerwolke's work of art: The Lamborghini Gallardo. Soon to become the top selling Lamborghini of all time, the Gallardo took the world by storm with its 90 degree V10.

The first new Lamborghini engine post merging with Audi arrived under much scrutiny. While the Lamborghini V10 utilized multiple Audi sourced technologies the engine was not based on any existing Audi designs. The Gallardo’s V10 launched with 500 PS or 493 BHP for the 2004 Model year. This specification was later updated with the mid-cycle re-fresh in 2006 increasing to 520PS or 512 BHP and most importantly the lower gear ratios which dramatically increased the performance of the vehicle. Like any modern OEM engine platform the engine arrived slightly detuned for future power increases for new models such as the SE & Superleggera. While the Superleggera did have: an upgraded intake manifold, exhaust system, and revised ECU tuning, the SE just had revised ECU Tuning.

For 04-06 owners we can utilize many of the benefits of the revised ECU tuning of later models and combine that with the typical 5-7% of power left on the table by factory tuning. You not only get more torque & power, but a substantial increase in power under the curve and a much crisper throttle response. The car will feel smoother and more responsive to delicate throttle adjustments mid-corner or under launch conditions.

For 06-08 owners we maximize your platform given what’s left and what we learned from the Superleggera revisions which still had a small amount of power reserve. For the most part our clients that tune the 512HP or 523HP Superleggera versions are doing so to take advantage of other modifications such as high-flow catalysts or aftermarket exhausts and intakes. In other situations we have clients who are simply looking for the other drivability enhancements from ECU tuning in addition to the nominal HP increases.

As one of the leading Lamborghini Tuners in the World, RSC has spent over 8 years designing and developing optimal ECU Tuning solutions for the Lamborghini Gallardo. With hundreds of RSC Tuned Gallardos worldwide, rest assured our tuning products will leave you more than satisfied. We have pioneered and/or tested almost every tuning solution available for your Lamborghini Gallardo.

Our Live Tune ECU Reflash is a class leading tuning solution designed to release the untapped power in the 5.0L V10. In order to extract the maximum power from your vehicle, we recommend removing your ECUs and sending them to RSC Tuning HQ Columbus, Ohio.

We will then bench tune your ECU in house within 24 hours and immediately ship them back to you.

RSC Tuning offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on the Live Tune ECU Flash. If you are not satisfied, return the product for a full refund.

If you have any questions about this product please click on the "ask a question" box above or call our toll free number 1-800-815-3751.

The RSC Live Tune ECU Flash is developed from hours of datalogging and dyno development to create a well rounded reliable tune that is hassle free for the consumer. We strive to balance power and reliability to maintain peace of mind and provide maximum longevity for your drivetrain; another benefit of the Live Tune ECU Flash. RSC Tuning can customize each tune to your cars specific modifications and or geographic location (fuel type, elevation). We can also re-tune your vehicle as you add different modifications.

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