Veloce Sport 200 Cell Catalysts - Vantage V8

Product image 1Veloce Sport 200 Cell Catalysts - Vantage V8
Product image 2Aston Martin Vantage 200 Cell Catalytic Converter Cat Bypass

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Why fit our 200-Cell Racing Cats to your Vantage?

More power and better sound. The catalysts fitted to the car from the factory do a good job of scrubbing emissions but are built to meet a price point and are very restrictive to exhaust flow. We replace these with the highest quality 200 Cell catalysts on the market, used in cars with over 1000BHP.

Our 200 Cell Race Cats make a huge difference to the flow of exhaust gases, liberating vital horsepower and improving throttle response for faster acceleration and downshifts. Designed and tested to function within the Aston Martin emissions parameters, these catalysts do not affect engine function or emissions systems and are an easy bolt-in replacement for the bulky OEM items. When you buy a new car, Aston Martin offers a 3 year warranty on their catalysts, which is exactly the same as what we offer on ours.

In addition to liberating power, you'll also hear your Vantage take on an even more race-inspired sound and enjoy those little crackles on the over-run.

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