Jaguar & Range Rover Supercharger Pulley 1.5 PSI

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RSC Tuning's Supercharger Reduction Pulley is the perfect addition for those who are looking for more power and torque from their Supercharged Range Rover or Jaguar. Designed to work with both the 3.0L and 5.0L Supercharged engines in the current Range Rover & Jaguar model range. Providing faster drive to the supercharger from this simple modification boosts peak power by up to 30 BHP, with even more gains available when coupled with our LiveTune Mobile ECU upgrade. Tuning makes a huge difference when combined with the Pulley upgrade so that the electronic waste gates do no bleed off the additional boost created by the Supercharger. Fits: All Range Rover 5.0L & 3.0L Supercharged Engines 2012-Present All Jaguar 5.0L & 3.0L Supercharged Engines 2012-Present
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