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Designed by Marek Reichman and first presented as a concept car at the North American International Auto Show in 2006 the Aston Martin Rapide signaled Astons return to the sedan market. The production version of the Rapide was first shown at the 2009 Frankfurt Motorshow to widespread acclaim. The Rapide name pays homage to Lagonda's 4 seat saloon the Lagonda Rapide. With 2013 Anouncement of the Rapide S ushered in the new era with the Gen 4 architecture. Included with the S improvements such as electronic dampning was the new AM11 Engine derived from advancements in Aston Martin Racings successful WEC GT Campaign. The AM11C boosted output by 17% brining the stock HP rating to 550 with improvements like fully CNC machined combustion chambers and lighter hollow camshafts, dual variable camshaft timing, among other things. Sometimes this engine is referred to as the 6.0L motor even though the displacement is the same as the older 5.9L AM16 motor of the non-S model. With the RSC Tuning Flash Tune for your 6.0L V12 will add approximately 25-30 HP 15-20 Lb/Ft of torque. Rapide S MY 2013-2014 6.0L V12 Engine Code AM11 Stock HP: 550 Tuned HP: 575 Stock TQ: 457 lb-ft Tuned TQ: 472 lb-ft With our easy to use handheld RSC Tuning can ship your programmer to you directly so that you may complete the tuning process in your own home. This compact device allows you to read the entire ECU file off your vehicle via the OBD port and then email it to us as an attachment from your desktop computer. Note: Windows PC is required for software to work with Handheld Device. ECU Tunes can be turned around in less than 24 hours without the hassle of removing ECUs or having to drive the car long distances for tuning service. RSC Tuning has specialized as one of the leading tuners for Aston Martin vehicles since 2008. We work with the Engineers around the world to develop cutting edge software solutions to extract the maximum performance out of your vehicle without sacrificing reliability. Our goal is to provide a reliable and efficient tuning solution to dramatically improve the performance of your Aston Martin. Other Benefits Include: -RSC Tuning Personalized Customer Service and Support -Aston Martin Specialist -Fuel Optimization Available -Tuning for Specific Modifications Available -Hand Held Programmer -Easy Installation -Ability to revert tune back to stock
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