Aston Martin V8 Vantage Twin Plate Organic Clutch & Lightweight Flywheel OEM Replacement Manual + ASM (Sportshift)

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Sport Shift owners rejoice! Finally a good replacement clutch for your ASM transmission that improves performance and longevity. This lightweight package replaces the heavy stock flywheel with an improved unit that is made through a light weight castin proces then the part is chemically hardened.

This 2 piece Steel + Ductile Iron combination results in a stronger lighter flywheel that improves throttle response and performance. Perhaps more importantly the improved operation and components upgrades will extend the life of this clutch replacement far beyond the stock unit.


- Lightweight Cast, Chemically Hardened 2 Piece Steel+Ductile Iron Flywheel (identical in weight to 1 piece CNC Steel option

- Original Equipment Aston Martin/Valeo Twin Plate Organic Clutch + Fasteners- Original Equipment Aston Martin Release Bearing/Slave Cylinder

- Release Bearing Spacer + Fasteners



- Weight reduction of 7lbs

- Increase of 10HP at the rear wheels

- Faster Shifting

- Vastly Improved throttle response

- Dramatically increased longevity compared to the Standard Parts


Torque Specs:

- Clutch to Flywheel 19nm

- Flywheel to Crank 110nm

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