ECU Flash for Range Rover 5.0L SC

Product image 1ECU Flash for Range Rover 5.0L SC
Product image 2ECU Flash for Range Rover 5.0L SC

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RSC Tuning Live Tune ECU Flash for Range Rover 5.0L Supercharged Models

Compatible with Range Rover Full-Sized and Range Rover Sport Models. RSC's Range Rover 5.0L ECU Flash Tune will transform the driving experience of your Range Rover. Taking a powerful vehicle to the next level is our specialty. An RSC Tuned Range Rover will optimize power output throughout the power-band enhancing everything from the morning commute to midnight drag races (in Mexico of course)

With more low end torque and razor sharp throttle response, an RSC Rover dominates the competition. Combine that with our amazing customer service and you'll find a package that can't be beat. When paired with our 1.5 PSI supercharger pulley** you can expect massive gains between 55-60HP at the wheels and 45 lbs-ft of Torque.

The RSC tune is installed via the reliable and easy to use Dimsport MyGenius programming tool. The simple portable device makes installation a breeze in your location at a time of your convenience.

Handheld Available for model years 2010-2017

Please note that in late 2017 Range Rover changed the network communication protocol for the 3.0 & 5.0 engines to a Flexray system.  As a result for some 2017s, and all 2018+ models, we do not currently have a handheld tuning device that will work with your vehicle.  Instead, for these vehicles we offer the option of sending our tuning equipment (Laptop & Hardware) to you & we can remotely tune the vehicle for you at your home.  This process does not require anything other than an internet connection, a battery tender to maintain the battery, and someone to plug the hardware into the OBD port on the vehicle.  We will login to the computer and take care of the rest. 

For more information on this process or if you have any additional questions please message us using the messenger button on the website (bottom right corner) or email us at 

**Custom Tunes available for vehicles with or without 1.5PSI pulleys

**1.5PSI pulleys sold seperately

RSC Tuning Hand-Held ECU Flash for RR 5.0L SC

Stock HP: 510

Tuned HP: 550

Stock Torque: 502

Tuned Torque: 461

• Optimized power delivery throughout the entire rev range

• Removal of top speed limiters

• Increased responsiveness

• Increased fuel economy

• Optimal Air Fuel Ratio

• Customizable for fuel type & elevation

• Can be reverted to stock at any time by RSC Tuning

• Compatible with My Genius Handheld OBD2 Programmer

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