ECU Tune for Naturally Aspirtated 5.0L Jaguar & Range Rover

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RSC Tuning LiveTune Tuning Package for Jaguar F-Type R Includes: RSC 5.0 NA Tuning File, MyGenius Handheld Programmer With more low end torque and razor sharp throttle response an RSC Tuned Jaguar will wake your car up and enhance the driving expereience. Engineered to the most exacting specifications by some of the best Jaguar Tuners worldwide you can be sure this product wont dissappoint. We're so confident in our Jaguar tuning that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee should you not be happy with it. OEM safety protocols remain in place offering the highest possible level of protection for your vehicle. The RSC tune is installed via the ultra reliable and easy to use Dimsport MyGenius programming tool. The simple portable device makes installation a breeze in your location at a time of your convenience. Allows for easy file updates and ability to return vehicle back to stock in minutes. RSC Tuning Hand-Held ECU Flash for Jaguar 5.0L Stock HP: 385 Tuned HP: 412 Stock TQ: 380 Tuned TQ:405
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