Gallardo LP560-4 Style Polyurethane Front Bumper

Product image 1Gallardo LP560 Front Bumper Conversion
Product image 2RSC LP560 Bumper,RSC Gallardo 560 Conversion Bumper,RSC Gallardo lp560 Conversion Bumper,RSC Gallardo lp560 Conversion Bumper 2,RSC Gallardo Bumper,RSC Bumper Upgrade,RSC Gallardo 560 Conversion Bumper 3,RSC Gallardo 560 Conversion Bumper 4,RSC Gallardo 5
Product image 3RSC Gallardo 560 Conversion Bumper
Product image 4RSC Gallardo lp560 Conversion Bumper
Product image 5RSC Gallardo lp560 Conversion Bumper 2
Product image 6RSC Gallardo Bumper
Product image 7RSC Bumper Upgrade
Product image 8RSC Gallardo 560 Conversion Bumper 3
Product image 9RSC Gallardo 560 Conversion Bumper 4
Product image 10RSC Gallardo 560 Conversion Bumper 20
Product image 11 RSC Gallardo 560 Conversion Bumper 21
Product image 12RSC 560 by Olsen Motorsports
Product image 13RSC 560 by Olsen Motorsports 2
Product image 14 RSC Gallardo 560 Conversion Bumper LP560
Product image 15 RSC Gallardo 560 Conversion Bumper Lamborghini
Product image 16 RSC Gallardo 560 Body Kit
Product image 17 RSC Gallardo 560 Body Kit 2
Product image 18 RSC Gallardo 560 Body Kit 3
Product image 19 RSC Gallardo 560 Body Kit 4
Product image 20 RSC Gallardo 560 Body Kit 5
Product image 21 RSC Gallardo 560 Body Kit  6
Product image 22 RSC Gallardo 560 Body Kit 7
Product image 23 RSC Gallardo 560 Body Kit 8
Product image 24 RSC Gallardo 560 Body Kit 9
Product image 25 RSC Gallardo 560 Body Kit 10
Product image 26 RSC Gallardo 560 Body Kit 11

Regular price $3,995.00


When Lamborghini announced the release of the LP560 the styling was one of the most interesting aspects of the car as it shared a unique front bumper styling with the limited edition and highly desirable Reventon. RSC has seized upon that spirit to 'do something new' and created a bolt on bumper for all variants of the Gallardo which gives the car a similar look to the LP560.

The RSC Tuning LP560 bumper is constructed from OEM quality polyurethane with a carbon fiber center lip and fits straight onto the car with no modifications required.

This bumper comes unpainted, and we recommend using a reputable bodyshop to ensure an exact match to your vehicle. Polyurethane provides for better fitment than Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber.  Polyurethane is less prone to cracks and damage due to its flexibility reducing the likelihood of replacement. This bumper package is an extremely light weight and strong product compared to cheap fiberglass alternative.  Use of precise OEM quality injection molding technology results in consistently perfect fitment almost 700 units sold. 

Please contact us for pictures in a specific color.  Includes custom RSC Tuning Center Support Bracket preventing the sag seen in “other” products.

Includes RSC Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber Center Splitter ($595 Value).  Includes RSC 5-piece grill set (works with OEM Lamborghini grills for additional cost) Retains exit air flow for proper cooling via the side radiators and requires no modification to the bumper.

Checkout our RSC Tuning LP560 Lower Spoilers for that extra aggressive look.

This Item may require 2-3 days to ship due its size the complexity of booking freight shipments but we will do our best to complete the shipment as fast as possible.

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