RSC Sport Lowering Kit AMV8

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One of the questions we are frequently asked about our Vantage C is 'did you make it wider?' The answer is no.

The real answer is that by lowering the car we not only improved the handling, but also made it look wider and sportier with a more aggressive stance.

The RSC Sport Lowering kit has been carefully developed to enhance the feel and balance of the AMV8 without compromising ride quality and comfort. By utilizing progressively wound lowering springs we were able to achieve a soft and compliant ride at the top of the travel which is comfortable for everyday use.

Once you get these springs loaded up though, there is a huge difference to the handling. Gone is that 'vague' squishy feeling in the standard car where it just won't settle, replaced by a smooth stable tracking that gives you the confidence to take those long sweepers at impressive speeds... err... 65 miles an hour officer. Body roll is eliminated so you can get the power down earlier and carry more speed into the twisties.

Get the best of both worlds - comfort and handling in one package.

Lowers approximately 1.25"

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