VeloceSport LP550/560/570 Supersports Exhaust

Product image 1VeloceSport LP550/560/570 Supersports Exhaust,VeloceSport LP550/560/570 Supersports Exhaust
Product image 2VeloceSport LP550/560/570 Supersports Exhaust

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Sound is an important and emotional part of driving an Italian thoroughbred like the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. In years gone by, such cars had distinctive and evocative exhaust notes you could recognize in an instant. With vehicle manufacturers increasingly forced to meet global sound regulations, today’s Lamborghini does not provide as full a soundtrack as some drivers would like, and if ever a car was crying out for one, the LP560 is it!

Enter the Veloce Supersports Exhaust. Thankfully, Veloce Sport Exhaust has designed a performance system which provides the quality and intensity of sound that many drivers are looking for. Other sports exhausts on the market have developed a reputation for cracking mufflers, so RSC studied these failures in detail and engineered a system which eliminates this problem. RSC’s performance exhaust system utilizes our unique flow-merging box construction to eliminate back pressure drops while maximizing airflow and ultimate performance. The system provides a deep and purposeful sound at lower RPMs which is refined enough for comfortable long distance travel and everyday use. As RPMs rise with wider throttle openings, the pitch and intensity gradually build to a piercing wail that will leave you grinning from ear to ear and driving with the windows(or the top) down all the time. Manufactured entirely from aeronautical 309 grade austenitic stainless steel. Lightweight design this system weighs just 25lbs, a full 36lbs lighter than the factory. System improves braking, handling, throttle response and acceleration and allows for vast improvements in heat dissipation. Fully mandrel bent . Backed by our 25-year guarantee. A deep throaty note at idle that increases with pitch and volume as the RPM builds. Simply the best for the LAMBO on the Market.

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